Vị trí công tácGiảng viên cao cấp
Phòng làm việcRoom 227, Building T1, No 334, Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan district, HN
Các môn học giảng dạyGeneral Biology Basic Ecology Individuals and Populations Ecology Internship Management of Ecosystems Introduction to Environmental Ecology Environmental Biology Evolutionary Ecology Experimental Ecology Seminar in Conservation Biology Environmental conservation and sustainable development Research direction Environmental ecology and biology: assessment of water quality, indicator organisms, changes in biodiversity according to environmental quality Toxic ecology in which focus on research on heavy metals in the components of ecosystems such as water, sediment, groups of organisms...
Hướng nghiên cứuBiodiversity and conservation of organisms Ecology of groups of organisms Monitoring and assessment of quality Water Environment