Department of Ecology


Introduction Laboratory of Ecology and Environmental biology was established in 7th April, 2004 and had received a Decision to change its name to Department of Ecology since 26th December, 2017.... More


  No. Title Code Head Level Time 1 Primary investigation about diversity of vegetation at high belt above 2000m of Hoang Lien national park, Lao Cai province for eco-tourism development.... More

Research area

Research area Ecology and environmental biology: monitoring and assessment of water quality, bioindicators, the biodiversity changes according to environmental quality. Ecotoxicology: research on... More

Training information

Training informations Undergraduate subjecs: General biology, Basic ecology, Organisms and populations, Ecological practices, Ecosystem management, Environmental Ecology, Introduction to... More

List of staff members

Image Name Academic title Academic degree Position Doan Huong Mai Associate Professor PhD. Head of Department Le Thu Ha Associate Professor PhD. Senior Lecture Le Xuan Tuan Associate Professor PhD.... More