The Department of Botany was created from Botany group in 1956, which made it one of the founding department of the Faculty of Biology. The Department had a long tradition in education nearly six decades before being rearranged and changed its name to Department of Plant Science.

Formerly known as Department of Physiology – Biochemistry of the Faculty of Biology in 1966, the Department split into Department of Plant Physiology and Department of Biochemistry in 1978. After a period of independent development, two Departments were reorganized and reunited into Department of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry in 2002. September 2019, Plant Physiology group was separated and joined with the Department of Plant Science.

Currently, the Department of Plant Science comprises Botany group and Plant Physiology group with a total of nine staff members. The Department’s staffs are responsible for teaching all subjects in the fields of botany and biodiversity, plant physiology and plant biotechnology for undergraduate students. MSc students are offered in plant sciences with an option in either Botany of Biotechnology, while PhD students can choose Botany or Plant physiology. Besides, our staffs also teach fundamental biology for pupils at Gifted High School and participate training for pupils of Vietnamese International Biology Olympiad team.

In addition, the Department of Plant Science has major research strengths in the following areas: Plant diversity, conservation of genetic resources, conservation endangered medicinal plants, plant stress tolerance, plant tissue and cell culture, plant pathology, transgenic plants, etc.



Department office: Room 129 T1 building, 334 Nguyen Trai street, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Tel. 024 3858 2178

Fax. 024 3858 2069



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