Research facilities

Class A equipment list

  No. Device name Code Location  Manager 1 Nucleic acid and protein analyzer via image AlphaImager Mini System 6377 233-T1 Nguyễn Thị Hồng Vân 2 Micro-centrifuge (22R) 233-T1 Nguyễn... More

Laboratories of Center for Life Science Research (CELIFE)

CORE FACILITIES: MOLECULAR BIOLOGY & ANALYTICAL LAB, Room 210 and Room 208, Building T2 MICROSCOPE IMAGING LAB, Room 209, Building T2 Laboratory of Bioelectrochemical Technologies R&D for... More

Laboratories of Biology Museum

1. The collection of Vertebrate samples: the 3rd floor, No. 19. Le Thanh Tong Street   Showroom 1: Fish, Amphibian, Reptile samples   Showroom 2: Bird samples   Showroom 3: Animal samples 2. The... More

Research laboratories

Lab of Plant Physiology, Room 132, Building T1 Lab of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Room 133, Building T1 Lab of Microalgae Culture, Room 138, Building T1 Lab of Plant Diversity, Room 228,... More

Teaching laboratories

Practical Lab of Plant Physiology, Room 124, Building T1 Practical Lab of Zoology and Ecology, Room 136, Building T1 Practical Lab of Microbiology, Room 141, Building T1 Practical Lab of Biochemistry... More

Key equipment

  Fluorescence microscope STEREO Discovery V8 (Carl-Zeiss) DIC reverse phase microscope and Fluorescence Axio Observer 7 with Apotome 2 upgrade (Carl-Zeiss)     Gel scanners UVP BioDoc... More