Teaching activities

The Department is responsible for many subjects in both undergraduate teaching and graduate training programs.

Undergraduate programs

Botany, Plant systematics, Plant and application, Biodiversity, General biology, Experiments in botany, Botanical nomenclature, Fundamentals of plant ecology, Methods in plant research, Plant and humanity, Morphological evolution of angiosperms.

Plant physiology, Functional biology of plants, Plant cell and tissue culture, Plant tissue and cell technology, Microalgae physiology, Microalgae biotechnology, Plant growth and development, Experiments in plant physiology, Plant development.

Graduate programs

MSc courses: Biosystemtics, Flowering plants, Algology, Mycology, Flora and species conservation, Science on plant resources, Gymnospermae, Plant biotechnology, etc

PhD courses: Diversity of plants, Botanical methodology, Plant anatomy, Morphological evolution of angiosperms, Systematics and evolution of algae with modern views, Systematics and evolution of fungi with modern views, Systematics and evolution of higher sporophytes with modern views, Photosynthesis and plant productivity, Stress responses in plants, Plant cell technology, Plant growth regulators, Molecular pathology of plants, etc