Lưu trữ

Key equipment


Fluorescence microscope  
STEREO Discovery V8 (Carl-Zeiss)
DIC reverse phase microscope and Fluorescence Axio Observer 7 with Apotome 2 upgrade (Carl-Zeiss)



Gel scanners UVP BioDoc It2 Imager 
(Analytik Jena)
Quantitative PCR machine 
(real-time PCR) 7500 
(Applied Biosystems)
Gradient PCR mastercycler        Nexus GSX1 (Eppendorf)
Molecular analysis equipment 
Spectra max 384 plus
GC system (detector FID, TCD) 7890B (Agilent)
HPLC system (fluorescent and PDA detectors) Alliance e2695 (Waters)

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