Department of Physiology & Human Biology

Our projects

  1. BoneMed group with research on bone and osteoporosis using medaka fish model

Screening for anti-osteoporosis substances using transgenic medaka model for osteoporosis

Evaluation of toxicity of substances on medaka embryos and larvae

Generation of stable transgenic homozygous medaka expressing Rankl under control of a heat-induced promoter for use as an animal model for osteoporosis. (2014-2016). VNU project. Code: QG.14.21.

Establishment of osteoporosis disease model using transgenic medaka fish and assessment of in vivo anti- osteoporotic effects of some natural and synthetic compounds. (2015-2018), NAFOSTED project. Code 106YS.06-2014.15.

2. Research on the behaviors of mice

Research on the behavior changes of mice according to time of exercises (2016-2018). Faculty of Biology (Biofund) project. Chaired by: Dr. Luu Thi Thu Phuong.

3. Group studying myocardial related diseases targeting mitochondria

Researching and screening for substances that protect myocardial targeting mitochondria using myocardial ischemia model on isolated rat hearts and cultured rat heart cells (2017-2020). NAFOSTED project. Code: 106-YS.06-2016.23. Project leader: Dr. Vu Thi Thu


The role of curcumin on mitochondria (2015-2016). Faculty of Biology project. Code: BiofundII. Project leader: Dr. Vu Thi Thu.

Research group on Human Biology

  1. The protemic profile of exosomes isolated from plasma of non-small cell lung cancer patients (2018-2020). VNU project. Code: KLEPT.18.03. Project leader: Assoc.Prof. Trinh Hong Thai.
  2. Large deletion of mitochondrial DNA in Vietnamese small-cell lung cancer patients (2018-2020) VNU project. Code: QG.19.15. Project leader: MSc. Le Lan Phuong.
  3. Study on changes of mitochondrial MT-ATP6 and MT-ATP8 genes in Vietnamese breast cancer patients. Hanoi National University project (2016-2018). Code QG.16.14 code. Project leader: MSc. Nguyen Thi Tu Linh.
  4. Research to identify mitochondrial gene mutations in Vietnamese people using molecular biology techniques. Governmental level. Code KC.04.10/11-15 (2012-2015). Project leader: Assoc.Prof. Trinh Hong Thai

Group: Free radical in biomedicine

In silico screening of some compounds derived from Vietnamese plants that have the ability to interact with NLRP3 inflammatory receptors and combining biological methods to develop potential products for Gout treatment (2018-2020). VNU  project. Code:QG.18.11. Project leader: Dr. Do Minh Ha.


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