Department of Physiology & Human Biology

Study with us

Study with us

The Department of Physiology and Biology is responsible for teaching both for undergraduate and postgraduate programs in two main directions.

– Human and Animal physiology will provide students with knowledge of the functions in the animal and human body with the core knowledge of neurophysiology, endocrinology, muscle cardiovascular, physiological behavior …

Students can continue to more intensive training through the Master programs of Experimental Biology and PhD program of Human and Animal Physiology.

– Following the orientation of the Human Biology, students will receive the intensive training in Human Molecular Biology regarding of polymorphisms, mutations of DNA, RNA, the structure and expression of proteins which potentially cause many diseases such as Neurological diseases (Epilepsy, Mitochondrial associated diseases), Metabolic diseases, infectious diseases and especially various types of cancer. Moreover, students are also provided with knowledge of indigenous medicine, public health and other human-related issues.

Students can also continue their postgraduate training through the Master program of Experimental Biology and Doctoral degree of Anthropology-Human Biology.

Our students in graduation day

Undergraduate course

– General biology (Code: BIO1061)

– Human and animal physiology (Code: BIO2206)

– Human and animal Physiology (Code: BIO2405)

– Organisms and retained (Code: BIO3401)

– Human biology (Code: BIO3175)

– Bioinformatics (Code: BIO3301)

– Proteomics and structural biology (Code: BIO2212)

– Biological statistics (Code: BIO2205)

– Biophysics (Code: BIO2210)

Our research teams continuously recruit students in year two to four to involve in the scientific and research activities. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the researches to experience the modern scientific experiments.

The Master’s program includes 3 majors:

– Experimental biology

– Biotechnology

– Zoology


The doctoral program consists of 2 majors:

– Major: Anthropology Code: 9420101.02

– Major: Human and animal physiology Code 62420104

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