Department of Physiology & Human Biology

About Department of Physiology & Human Biology

The Department of Biophysics and Human Biology was renamed from the original name as the Department of Anthropology and Physiology from April 2013. The Department emerged from two antecedent departments, Human and Animal Physiology (1996 – 2001) and Human Biology (1980-2001).

We are now based primarily on the third floor, T1 Building with several additional sites at other buildings inside the campus of Hanoi University of Science.

The department currently comprises 11 staffs including 2 Assoc. Prof, 7 PhD and 2 MSc. (who are doing PhD). Our staffs are responsible for teaching all subjects of human-animal physiology as well as human biology for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Biology and some subjects for the Department of Medicine. We also offer postgraduate training for masters, PhDs in animal science, human and animal physiology and anthropology.

Besides, our staffs have established great research bases, facilities and performances by approaching various research topics at many levels of interdisciplinary including polymorphic applications of gene-related human disease, disease studies on medaka and zebrafish models.

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