Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


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Courses in Undergraduate Programs:

Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Cellular Metabolism, Biochemistry of Bioactive Compounds, Biochemistry of Food Processing, Enzymology, Protein-Enzyme Technology, Immunology, Molecular Immunology, Bioenergy, Genetic Engineering, General Techniques in biotechnology, Process and Equipment, Nanobiology, Cells and Organisms, Organisms and Population, Scientific Research.

Courses in Master program:

Molecular Cell Biology, Experimental Biochemistry, Applied Biochemistry, Biochemistry of Protein, Biochemistry of Nucleic Acids, Secondary Metabolite Substances, Recombinant Protein Technology, English for Academic Purposes.

Courses in PhD program:

Regulation of Gene Expression, Biochemistry of Aging, Molecular Pathology of Animals, Biochemistry of Animal Hormones, Biochemistry of Plant Hormones.

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