Department of Applied Zoology

Current research topics

  • The taxonomy and systematics of invertebrates, especially insects, crustaceans, and molluscs.
  • Biodiversity of invertebrates in terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, to serve in planning of biodiversity and ecosystem conservation, and biological resource management .
  • Building and developing a database of morphology, distribution and molecular biology (DNA barcodes) of insects in Vietnam, providing baseline data for biodiversity conservation planning.
  • The application of measures to prevent harmful invertebrates in agriculture (for example, termite control), public health (vectors of disease).
  • Developing of the procedure of breeding some invertebrates species that are valuable as or have potential application of biological control.
  • Biological and ecological characteristics of alien invasive species and measures to prevent and control them.
  • The role and potential application of selected groups of invertebrates as biological indicators to assess environmental quality.

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