Calling for undergraduate thesis

Researches and experiments for students doing undergraduate thesis in 4 laboratories in the Department of Cell biology in 2021-2022 are available as follow:
Experimental Oncology lab, for 3-4 students with the following topics:

1. Research on  immune cells for anti-cancer

2. Screening substances capable of inhibiting cancer cells

3. Evaluation of the toxicity and effects of nanomaterials on cultured cells and experimental animals


Really interested in research
Good academic ability, active

Animal Cell Technology lab, for 3-4 students with the following topics:

1. Evaluation of toxicity/activity of some plant extracts on zebrafish embryos

2. Screening of chemicals and food additives on zebrafish embryo angiogenesis

3. Test of plant extracts for the effect of inflammation on immune cells

Who can join the group:

Really enthusiastic about research activities.
Highly proactive at work.
Be creative and take responsibility.
Good friendship.

Special offer: 1-month experience in the lab before joining

Biomedicine lab, for 3 students for the following studies:

1. Development of genetic diversity/mutation detection techniques

2. Identification of genetic diversity/mutations associated with diseases

3. Epigenetic studies in cancer (DNA methylation)

Requirements for participating students:

Honest, hardworking, passionate about science
Discipline, responsible for common work
Share, collaborate with students in the same group

The Bioactive Products Research Group has 3 positions for students with the following studies:

1. Anti-viral substances from plants for animal diseases

2. Active compounds derived from microorganisms to inhibit Tuberculosis bacteria

3. Research and development of biological pesticides

4. Research and develop products to inhibit fungal and bacterial diseases on crops

Requirements to join the lab

Interested in research
Diligent and careful in work
Ability to work independently and high responsibility
Capable of teamworking

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