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Student science conference of Faculty of Biology in 2021

        In 2021, the Faculty of Biology’s student science conference received 78 scientific reports, from students in 11 classes in the whole faculty, including high school students for the High school for gifted students. This year, the scientific reports of the students are highly interdisciplinary, crossing between biodiversity and experimental biology studies. This proves the increasingly strong interdisciplinary trend in scientific research in general and life science research in particular, including research at FOB.

This year, due to COVID-19 pandemic, the FOB student science conference only has 3 poster sessions.

For each session, there were 1 report that won the first prize, 1 report that won the second prize, 3 reports that won the third prize and 6 reports that won the consolation prize. The first prize and some second prize reports were selected by the faculty to participate in the Student Conference at the University of Science level.

Besides the main prizes mentioned above, the students also have the opportunities to win many other prizes and awards as follows:

  1. Dao Van Tien award to encourage scientific research of students in the field of Vertebrate Zoology or in the field of biodiversity.
  2. Nguyen Nghia Thin prizes, awarded to the reports with the highest scores in the field of Biodiversity.
  3. Promising Biotechnology Research Award, sponsored by Thang Long Instruments company.

The 2021 FOB student science conference has been a great success despite the negative effect of COVID-19 pandemic. The quantity and the quality of the studies reported at the conference reflect the non-stop attempts of FOB teachers and students in doing research, pushing themselves further beyond their own limits to achieve even more striking findings.

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