Department of Ecology

Training information

Training informations

  1. Undergraduate subjecs: General biology, Basic ecology, Organisms and populations, Ecological practices, Ecosystem management, Environmental Ecology, Introduction to environmental ecology, Evolutionary ecology, Experiments in Ecology, Environment and sustainable development, Ecological Applications.
  2. Masters level subjects: Ecosystems Ecology, Aquatic Ecology, Terrestrial Ecology, Landscape ecology, Ecotoxicology, Mathematical Ecology, Restoration Ecology and Sustainable development, Remote sensing and GIS applying in Ecology, Eco-development, Ecology and climate change, Ecosystem pollution, Biological indicators of environmental conditions.
  3. Doctoral subjects: Ecological Methodology, Theoretical Ecology, Ecological planning, Ecological Impact Assessement, Ecology and Biotreatment of Pollution, Bioindicators, Wetlands.

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