Research projects

  1. Research on application of bio-electrochemical technology to control in situ presence of pathogenic Vibirio bacteria in brackish water aquaculture ponds. NAFOSTED. Period 2021-2024

  2. Research and development of new technology to breeding, restoring and maintaining medicinal fungus Cordyceps militaris strains with high efficiency in fruiting body formation and cordycepin biosynthesis. VNU-HN Funding. Period 2020-2022

  3. Development of a new gene expression system in medicinal fungus Cordyceps militaris for production of recombinant enzymes and bioactive substances. VNU-HN funding. Period 2020-2022
  4. Development of protocol and creation of prototype-kit for detection and screening of major vaginal pathogenic microorganisms by Real time PCR. KLEPT funding. Period 2020-2022
  5. Study technologies to produce probiotics from Lactobacillus sp. and Bacillus sp. for application in enhancing female reproductive. National Research Project funded by Ministry of Industry and Trade. Period 2019-2020
  6. Follow-up improvements of lithotrophic microbial fuel cells for use as on-site detectors for iron in water sources (in Vietnam). KIST Alumni Program. Period 2019-2020
  7. Investigation of the genes involved in the velvet protein complex in the filamentous fungi Aspergillus niger and Penicillium digitatum. NAFOSTED. Period 2018-2021
  8. Field-scale application of vetiver grass to mitigate dioxin contaminated soil at Bien Hoa airbase. Collaboration with Vietnam National Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resource in PEER-USAID Program. Period 2018-2021
  9. Establishment of a process for biohydrogen production by utilizing meso-anaerobic bacteria isolated in Vietnam. VNU-HN fund. Period 2016-2018
  10. Follow-up improvements of lithotrophic microbial fuel cells for use as on-site detectors for iron in water sources (in Vietnam). IFS-Sweden. Period 2016-2017
  11. Development and application of novel binary vectors for genetic engineering of filamentous fungi by using Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer. NAFOSTED fund. Period 2015-2018
  12. Initial research and development of bio-electrochemical technology to improve in situ water quality of brackish water aquaculture ponds. NAFOSTED fund. Period 2015-2018
  13. Research and design of gene expression system vectors for enhancing production of enzyme biosynthesis in filamentous fungi Aspergilus niger. NAFOSTED Fund. Period 2014-2016
  14. Research and development of microbial fuel cell as indicator for rapid assessment of the wastewater quality after treatment. MOIT assignment. Period 2014-2015 
  15. Preliminary research on Iron bacteria enrichment in microbial fuel cell  devices to  develop biosensors detecting iron and manganese in water. NAFOSTED fund. Period 2013-2014

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