Main research directions

Research interests

Our research interests extend from discovering microbial diversity and genetic resource through microbial genetic engineering and exploitation of microorganism in food and fermentation industry, bioremediation, sustainable agriculture, and biofuel production.

  1. Microbial diversity and genetic resource
  2. Exploitation of microorganisms for production of probiotic, food and beverage
  3. Application of microorganisms sustainable agriculture and aquaculture
  4. Molecular microbiology in classification and diagnosis of infectious disease
  5. Microbiology in bioremediation
  6. Investigate the molecular mechanisms of development and metabolism processes in fungi
  7. Microbial genetic modification for producing enzymes, proteins and bioactive compounds
  8. Research and develop technology for medicinal mushroom hybridization and explore fungal bioactive compounds
  9. Research on manufacturing biosensor and producing biofuel from microorganisms