Main research directions

Main research interests

The work in laboratories of the Department of Cell Biology focuses on the main research interests:

  1. Experimental oncology: anti-cancer drug screening studies, cancer immunotherapy, nanomaterial application in cancer diagnosis and treatment, cell toxicity assessment on cultured cancer cells, acute toxicity assessment on laboratory mice.
  2. Biomedicine lab: genetic diversity and mutations, epigenetic related to human diseases.
  3. Animal Cell Biotechnology: isolation, culture, and differentiation of stem cells; evaluation of effects of natural chemicals/extracts on the differentiation process; pharmaceutical/chemical toxicity/activity test on zebrafish embryos; cell toxicity.
  4. Immunology: Immune regulation in autoimmune, infectious, and malignant diseases.
  5. Research group of bioactive products from living organisms: anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, insecticide products
  6. Study on the interaction between the host and pathogenic bacteria. The study focuses on the pathogenic Escherichia coli involved in inflammatory bowel diseases as well as colorectal cancer.