1. Development of mixed culture microbial products for the production of safe and organic vegetables in Hanoi. Code 01C-06/02-2020-3. PI: Dr. Nguyen Kim Nu Thao
  2. Study on the anticancer immunostimulating ability of exsosome secreted from human umbilical cord blood dendritic cells towards application in the production of anti-cancer vaccines. Code QG 18.09. PI: Assoc. Prof. Hoang Thi My Nhung.
  3. Study on the neuroprotective ability of alkaloid compounds from some species of Lycopodiaceae family in Vietnam oriented to support the treatment of memory impairment. Code QG 18.10. PI: Dr. Hoang Thi My Hanh.
  4. Study on DNA methylation markers of genes encoding miRNA34 and SHOX2 protein in Vietnamese patients with breast cancer and lung cancer. Code 106-YS.06-2015.07. PI: Assoc. Prof. Vo Thi Thuong Lan.

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